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You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep
because reality is finally better than your dreams.

           ~ Dr. Seuss~


Elegance and beauty

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Affordable wedding photos

Beautiful wedding photography that’s affordable.  That’s important to you and to me.  Let me work with you to provide breath-taking wedding photography. Please contact me with your budget; I would sincerely love to work with you.

The best wedding photography

The best wedding photography in Arizona is here. Neenz Unique Photography has photographed presidents, kings and even Donald Trump -- It's not a toupée -- I have photographic evidence!

Love and beauty is transformative.  It would be an honor to be invited to contribute to your wedding.

Let me put my passion and experience to work for you

Whether large or small, weddings are the culmination of a lot of love, dreams and hard work.  I have photographed over 2,000 weddings -- and each was special and perfect in its own way.  I am always honored to capture the large and small moments in a wedding.






Engagement Sitting


Engagement shoots are included with all 

wedding packages.

Pick your location and lets have fun.

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